Daily Tour to Troy

The story of Troy is part-mythology and part-archaeology. Where does the legend stop and history begin? It involves larger-than-life figures like the heroes from Homer’s Iliad: Achilles, Helen, Paris and Hector. 

The Trojan War is a dramatic story of bravery and deceit, one that has influenced European literature since its very beginning.

Highlights of the tour include:

The huge wooden Trojan Horse at the entrance

City walls dating from Early Bronze Age up to the Romans, in all, nine different settlements

Fortification walls from Troy VI, the legendary Troy, an engineering miracle of its age that has endured 3,000 years

The Temple of Athena, with a splendid view over the plain where the Trojan and Greek warriors once fought

Stone altars where the priests sacrificed animals to appease gods and goddesses

The Odeon and Senate – places of entertainment and oratory where musicians played the harp and debates took place

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