As one of the well-known destination managent companies of Turkey, we offer our clients top quality services at every field of travelling. We enable both leisure and business travellers to feel at home by arranging all the details before & during their visit and consulting them 24/7.

Showing a delicate attention to our guests, their needs and preferrences, is what differentiates us from other companies in our sector. We are travelling experts, organizers, problem solvers, creative minds, decision-makers, and your local friends.

Our country-wide partners are also an irrevocable part of our success. Every partnership we have is based on personal contacts, ongoing for years. As a result, we can offer our guests exactly what they want, rather than hoping to meet their criteria.

We are fortunate and proud of the fact that, everyday, Lodger Travel family grows with recommendations of our dear guests.

Lodger Travel is a Class A travel agency, the highest available rating, and licensed by the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TURSAB License Number: 6193).

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