The Symbol of the Ottoman Empire: Selimiye Mosque

The construction of the mosque started in 1568 with the order of Selim II and it took 7 years and hard work of thousands of people to complete. It is regarded as the most important work of the Ottoman architecture and has been described by Mimar Sinan as his “masterpiece”.

The Mother Sultans – 1 / Safiye Sultan

For 400 years, one of the most important roles in the Ottoman Empire was that of a woman: The Mother Sultan. In this blog series, we focus on some these powerful, effectual woman and their harritage in today’s Turkey.
Safiye Sultan… Foreigners described her as smart, intelligent, elegant, witty, proud and “a man of his word”…

What it’s like to travel through the incredible new airport in Istanbul

Istanbul’s new aviation darling is a stunner. Beneath the enormous vaulted canopy is a vast space of colour and patterns inspired by Istanbul old and new: the curves are inspired by the city’s famed domed mosques and baths; the space-age transit hall follows the shape of the Bosphorus Strait; and the control tower is designed in the shape of a tulip, Turkey’s national flower.

At Teachers Day 2018 , we’d like you to meet our guardian angels Semiha & Adnan.

Grandma Semiha was an English language teacher before she became one of the first female tourist guides of Turkey and grandpa Adnan, a beloved music teacher, enjoyed traveling throughout his whole life, especially with his grandchildren.


The 120-year old iconic church reopened after seven years of restoration. This one and only iron church of the World was built in 1898 by the Bulgarian community of Istanbul.

The Extraordinary Lives of Istanbul’s Street Cats

You’ll find them greeting foreign dignitaries at one of the city’s most famous sights, lounging on café chairs and shop displays, and lapping up attention wherever they go. They have their own Instagram account, and custom-built shelters and feeding stations on the city’s streets. Forget the Byzantines and the Ottomans: The real conquerors of Istanbul are its street cats.

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