Our Family History

Whirling, as a part of the prayer started by Mevlana, in 13th century.  This, very tolerant order of Islam was practiced in lodges by the followers.  The lodges have been closed by the law of the goverment, in 1925, two years after the Republic of Turkey was established.

Riza Bey owned a large house. He and his whirling dervish friends got together in his house almost every day. That was where they played music, sang and danced. That’s why they called him the Lodger. In those days Turkish people did not have family names. He proudly carried this word as a title after his name.

We, the sister and brother who started the “Lodger Travel” company are his 5th generation grandchildren. Our grandmother Semiha, who was a teacher in American College for Girls decided to go into tourism in 1955. She became one of the first female tour guides of Turkey. She guided the kings, queens from different countries and the Shah of Iran. During the 55 years in which she was active, Semiha was chosen the Best Guide of Turkey several times.

She is the first one who encouraged us to start our destination management company.

In 1965, our father Vedat also started organizing tours and guiding them, in a very young age. He still is very active and we benefit from his experiences a lot. Even though he likes guiding the common families the most, he is regularly guiding important politicians of the world and celebrities.

As Lodger Travel, every time when our guests leave Turkey with wonderful memories, we feel the proud of successfully carrying this noble family heritage…

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