In the Footsteps of Your Family History

During the last decade, some of our guests had told us about their and their anchestors’ connections with Turkey. A few greatgrandfathers / greatgrandmothers were born and raised in Istanbul, had old photos and faded memories of these days. Some grandfathers were in Istanbul for a specific period of time due to business, diplomatical purposes etc. Some of our guests were even born in Istanbul but didn’t remember those days except a few photo images. They all had the feeling of having roots in this big, cosmopolitan and rapidly changing city but didn’t have the courage to look for them.

As locals with knowledge of history and rich personal roots everywhere around the city, each time we were able to follow our guests’ family haritage with the help of a few names, black & white photos or even blurry stories. Each time was an unforgetable, emotional experience for both of us: for our guests as well as for us.

If your family has a historical connection with Istanbul, if you feel that this city means more than a travel destination to you, just tell us what you know… 

Let us do the magic afterwords and open up an old treasure chest for you and your children…

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